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Cindy Seitz-Krug shares her knowledge gained from over two and a half decades of machine quilting award-winning quilts on a home sewing (domestic) machine.

Through the Eyes of a Quilter

Through the Eyes of a Quilter

A week from tomorrow I will leave the White Mountains of Arizona and fly to Boston to meet up with my daughter, and then the following day we will fly across the Atlantic to spend 10 days in Great Britain. Needless to say, I’m really excited about this trip! My last trip to Great Britain was 35 years ago, when I was 18. This trip is a long time in the making!

ChurchoftheTrinityChurch of the Trinity in BostonWhat I’m really excited about is seeing GB through the eyes of a quilter! I just know I’m going to see hundreds of things that inspire me for my future quilt projects. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt that mimicked a stained glass “rose window”. I wonder how many of those I’ll see that will start the wheels churning. And the quilting patterns I’m going to see! I just can’t wait.

Isn’t it an interesting phenomenon that we all see things through our own eyes and interests? For instance, I can always remember my mom saying that my dad could spot wild game better than anyone she knew. Well, it was just that he was a hunter, and therefore he was always LOOKING for animals. The vast majority of people just drive along the highways and never really see the deer and other animals off in the trees, but if you’re a hunter, you’re always looking. Therefore you see them more than other people.

BostongraveBeautiful grave marker in Boston cemetaryAnd what about architects? They certainly see buildings and bridges in an entirely different and deeper manner than the average tourist does. That’s because they have the knowledge and interest in building structure that isn’t common to all of us. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that special insight?

But we as quilters have a special insight into our own world of quilts and all the beauty around us that inspires our quilting. It’s a very special thing that we quilters share.

upholsteryinBostonUpholstery at a restaurant in BostonTwo years ago I visited my daughter in Boston, and I was in the beginning stages of writing my book, The Grid Design Workbook. Well guess what! I saw grid-based designs EVERYWHERE! It was wonderful to get support photos for my book, and I hadn’t even thought of that prior to the trip. SUPER BONUS!

Soon I will embark on this trip to Great Britain, armed with the knowledge that I’m going to see some remarkable sights. I’ll take lots of photos and share them with you when I return. Maybe some of my photos will inspire you too!

Great Britain Through the Eyes of a Quilter
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