Well, after my last blog discussing copyright issues in the world of quilting, I decided to do something a bit more lighthearted (and brief) this go-around. So, I thought I’d talk a bit about the strange relationship between quilters and cats, quilts and cats, cats and quilts, cats and quilters...

cory and rhiannon copyCory & RhiannonIs it just me imagining things, or are quilters (in general), “cat people”? I have noticed that many quilters have photos of their cats on Facebook, or in their quilting books that they’ve published, or they quilt a little cat motif into their quilts, and on and on! I personally have a bunch of photos of my 14-year old white Angora cat, Cory, christening many of my quilts. Cory has to take a catnap on a new quilt before it’s truly finished!

christmascatCory waiting for SantaNow, I know there are some quilters who are “dog people”, and that’s OK! Don’t get worked up over this blog because I’m talking mainly about cats and quilts! I also have two dogs (in addition to Cory), but they definitely play second fiddle to the cat.

Now, to REALLY get into the weeds on this subject, what IS this phenomenon that makes us either “cat people” or “dog people”? It seems to be something that is inherent in each of us (unless you’re allergic to both, in which case you probably own a bird). Just think about it; how many times has a person openly stated that he or she is either a cat person or a dog person? And isn’t it funny that when they tell you what they are, you don’t judge them or hold it against them if you’re not of that same ilk. How wonderful that we can all accept each other even if we do favor different animals! Nobody goes barking mad if you tell them you’re a cat person, and no one hisses behind your back if you’re a dog person! How open-minded we all are!

guiltycatWhat???? I didn't do anything bad!Here’s another funny observation (and I speak from my own experience): we make quilts for our family members, friends, and other loved ones. And I’ll bet a few of you have EVEN made a quilt for your furry friend! Am I right or what? Making a quilt for someone is a true act of love, so that just proves how much we truly love our pets.

It’s all so complicated! But I guess in the long run, whether you’re a cat person or dog person, we all realize that pets make our lives so much fuller. They truly are like our children, without the sass! And even though my cat (and dogs) are the reason that so many of my photos feature stray pet hairs (no pun intended), I still love them, and 3M is thankful because I invest quite a bit of money in their lint rollers.

corycamoCamouflaged CoryIf you want to chime in about your pets that keep you company while you quilt, please do. And you can post photos of them christening YOUR quilts on my Facebook page. I’d love to see them. So keep that Claritin and the lint rollers handy, and quilt on!