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Pre-Printed Grid Practice Panels


Pre-Printed Grid Practice Panels

Why spend time marking your practice fabric for your grid designs when you can now purchase pre-printed practice panels?

Each panel is 20″x20″. All pre-marked lines are removable with cold water (see Blue Line Removal Instructions below).

4 varieties available:

  • 1/2″ Horizontal/Vertical grid panel
  • 1″ Horizontal/Vertical grid panel
  • 1/2″ Diagonal grid panel
  • 2″ Diamond grid panel

Grid Practice Panels are $8.50 each.
Save! Buy all four panels for $30.00.

  Product Name Price Qty
1/2″ Horizontal/Vertical Grid Panel
1″ Horizontal/Vertical Grid Panel
1/2″ Diagonal Grid Panel
2″ Diamond Grid Panel
All 4 Pre-Printed Grid Practice Panels

Panels Blue Line Removal Instructions

Can I iron my preprinted wholecloth?

Yes! Iron your mini or full sized wholecloth from the back on a medium setting. The important thing to remember is to EMPTY ALL THE WATER FROM YOUR IRON FIRST. Heat will not set the lines, but any water or steam will remove them! Especially when working with quilt tops printed with grey lines, it is recommended to place a piece of cloth or a towel over the (face down) quilt top and press through that.

How do I remove the lines from my preprinted wholecloth?

When you are completely finished quilting, soak your quilt in cool water, with NO SOAP. The length of time to remove the lines will vary, with some disappearing right away and others taking longer. All lines should disappear within an hour of soaking. Do not remove lines by spraying or dabbing with water. This can potentially force the ink down into your batting, and the lines will reappear later on. You need to soak the quilt to completely remove the ink. If you are planning on using colored thread or other fabrics, be sure to test their color fastness prior to soaking. You can line dry or tumble dry on low.

Quilt tops printed in grey ink may also be removed with a steam iron. You can press right over the lines on the front with your iron set on a Med-High heat and full steam. A few puffs of steam might be needed to remove any left over lines. If lines do not fully remove with steam it may be necessary to finish their removal by soaking in plain water.

What if I have a stain on the top I need to remove?

Soak your quilt in plain water to remove the blue or grey lines first. After all lines are removed you can wash with soap or use stain remover. Some detergents can set the lines so it is important to make sure the lines have already been removed. Always test color fastness on a small corner or a scrap of fabric first.

What if my lines don't come out?

This is a VERY rare occurrence, but has happened in the past. Generally it is because the quilt top has experienced extreme hot or cold temperature fluctuations or there has been some kind of chemical reaction that has caused the lines to not be water soluble. If the lines do not remove with soaking in plain water there are two recommendations. If you are working with blue lines on white or natural fabric and HAVE NOT used any colored thread — you can apply small amounts of RIT “color remover” (mixed as per box instructions) with a toothbrush and rinse afterwards. If you are working with a color fabric or thread or a dark fabric with the grey lines, first try soaking the quilt in hot water and rubbing your finger or a small brush over the lines. If that still does not work you can use any home-use stain remover such as Zout, OxyClean etc. Do not use Tide detergent. Test a small corner first to make sure that the fabric or thread color is not affected.