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30 Tips & Tricks for Better Machine Quilting

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30 Tips & Tricks for Better Machine Quilting

Have you ever been frustrated while quilting a large quilt on your home sewing machine? Does thread tension make you tense?

Do you ever scratch your head when trying to decide what fabric to use for a quilt back, or which batting will work best for your current quilt project? Do those jagged stitches drive you nuts, or are you just tired of changing your thread color all the time to try to match it to your quilt top?

Well, WORRY NO MORE! Award-winning quilter Cindy Seitz-Krug addresses all of these issues and so many more in her new DVD class: 30 Tips and Tricks for Better Machine Quilting.

This class is simply a “demo-lecture” in which Cindy explains 30 different issues that domestic machine quilters face on a daily basis, which when addressed properly, can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD for your machine quilting success, comfort, and happiness! Whether you’re a beginning quilter or advanced, there are new tips and tricks here for everyone.

You’ll enjoy Cindy’s upbeat personality and her experienced insider secrets. She’ll help you pinpoint the equipment that really matters and share tips on how to use inexpensive household items, like safety pins, rubber fingertips from the office supply store, and yes, even an empty tomato paste can, to improve your quilting.

Most of these tips pertain to domestic machine quilters, but longarm quilters are sure to glean useful information to improve their skills too!

Purchase this DVD now to begin your journey to more beautiful machine quilting!

This DVD Class is 1 hour, 37 minutes


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