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Machine Quilted Stocking Sampler

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Machine Quilted Stocking Sampler

This class is called a “stocking class”, but it’s really designed to teach you many beautiful background stitches for your quilts. The stocking project is simply a fun and cute way to practice and learn your new filler stitches.

Cindy will teach you 8 different designs, plus several variations of the basic stitches. You’ll be thrilled with your newfound knowledge when you start using them to beautify your quilts!

In the class, Cindy draws out each stitch first and points out ways to make the stitches easy and successful. Then you can watch Cindy stitch out the designs on her class stocking. She also talks about good threads, needles, and fabrics to make your filler stitches as pretty as possible. When it comes to quilting classes, this is fun for all!